February 26, 2021​

The Chapter's Honor Guard at Jefferson Barracks for the Burial of member William Biddle. 

 February 4, 2023​

The Chapter's Honor Guard at St. Matthews Cemetery for a Veteran's Burial 

George Phillips Memorial Ceremony, Labadie , MO July16th, 2022​

Front row: Dan Wilson.

Back row: Ed Rousan, Everett Nagel, Ken Hampton, Dennis Filla, Dave Bierman

Honor Guard: Ken Hampton, Everett Nagel, James Preuss, Dennis Filla, Dave Fischer

Manchester, MO Vietnam Veterans Celebration March 31. 2012

Dan Crowe, Everett Nagel, Dan Wilson & Dennis Filla

Commander Dan Wilson

O'Charley's Restaurant Honors Marine Sergeant Derek Krause

Delmar Gardens Veterans Day

Don Aird

Carl Gordon, James Preuss, Dan Wilson, James Hare, Dave Bierman, Tom Moore, Mike Erxleben

James Preuss, Tom Moore, Craig Mathews, and Dennis Filla

Fenton Flag Retirement Ceremony

George Phillips Memorial Ceremony, Labadie , MO

Crestwood Veterans Day Program

Dan Wilson, Dave Bierman, Don Aird, Craig Mathews, and James Hare

Highlands Walmart, Manchester, MO

Jefferson Barracks Cemetery

 In addition to providing military honors for deceased veterans, the Chapter's Honors Firing Team participates in many community events throughout the year. Some typical functions include: Veterans Memorial events in local cities such as Manchester, Fenton, Arnold, Crestwood, and Chesterfield.  Flag retirement ceremonies, and other veteran's Day observances are performed at retailers and restaurants looking to add a patriotic and dignified salute to the men and women who served.

"Honoring Those Who Served"

One of the most important services performed by Chapter 1028 is to provide an Honor Guard at Military Funerals. The team is led by Dan Wilson and consist of eleven other Chapter members. The team performs the ceremony in accordance with military protocol and is certified by the Missouri National Guard every six months. The team routinely trains new members using the M-1 Garand rifle. The weapons and uniforms are furnished by the Chapter. The team is on call for whenever the need arises, and conducts approximately four burials per month. Members are expected to turn out in crisp uniforms and shined boots on only a one day notice--and they do. The team takes pride in honoring the deceased veteran with a dignified and solemn burial--especially for the homeless vet or those without families in attendance. Honors are rendered at various cemeteries around the area including Jefferson Barracks. The Chapter wishes to acknowledge the dedication, professionalism, and sacrifice of all the members. You honor us all.

Chapter 1028 Funeral Honors Firing Team

Gary Hutchison Memorial Chapter 1028

Vietnam Veterans of America