Bob with Thompson near Hi Van pass between Da Nang and Phu Bai, October 1972

Bob on radio coordinating a President Thieu visit to the 3rd ARVN Div. near Da Nang in October 1972

Ready to hit the road on an operation with a mechanized battalion.

Bob (L.) atop M113 APC in Cu Chi 1966 with Sgt. Murdock

Bob's first home after arriving in Cu Chi in 1966

Bob served with the 1st BN, 5th INF, 25th Infantry Division in the Cu Chi area in 1966 and with MACV Team in 1972

On way to Saigon

Gary Hutchison Memorial Chapter 1028

Vietnam Veterans of America



Bob Whaley

It's been decades since we served. But to many of us, it seems like only yesterday.  Today we are old and slow; but once we were young and swift.  For those who never knew us then; and for those who can't remember when, take a look back at‚Äč  the way we were:

The Way We Were