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 We had a small but enthusiastic group fishing this year fishing Tom's lake.  I think for the most part only three of the six attendees did much fishing.  Jim Stroup and Cliff Johnson rounded out the new attendees.  Bob Hanak fished from the bank down toward the dam.  Bill and son David DeArmond brought sit on top kayaks and fished the timbered areas across the lake but mostly down on the shallow end away from the dam.  I don't know how many Bob caught but son David and I caught 100 plus. I know my stringer was heavy enough that I could not lift it from the side of the kayak without tipping it over.  David and I cleaned our fish and had very close to five gallons of fillets.  Everyone took home fresh crappie fillets.
If you would like to come next year have a sit on top kayak (less prone to tipping over) or a small jon boat.  You must have a boat to get on top of where the fish are congregated.  I will be happy to share my fishing technique and lures that I use.  Really it doesn't matter much about which crappie lure to use but it is very important to be able to get where the fish are gathered.  It IS important to be quiet and present the lure where the fish are located.  I have been fishing for 72 plus years including the year I fished in Vietnam with grenades so I have lots of experience.  My son can outfish me but I don't admit it to him. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you Tom for having us out.  We are very appreciative of the opportunity.
Bill DeArmond    5-20-23

Our Host: Tom Becker


Photos by James Stroup

April 5th, 2023

           Bob DeLong                               Dennis Filla      Everett Nagel                Ken Hampton

At Lindbergh High School April 14th.

Bill De Armond's Fishing Report.


Chapter 1028 Newsletter

Fishing Trip

 Tom Becker's Lake


June 6th, 2023

Photos by Dennis Filla at New St. Marcus Cemetery

Breakfast at Bob Evans

April 19th 2023

Chapter President Dan Crowe receiving a quilt.

Donna Robinson and her crew from Quilts of Valor presented several members of Chapter 1028 with samples of their patriotic handiwork.

At Mehlville  High School May 9th.

On May 27th the Chapter held a fundraiser at the Dierbergs Store in Wildwood. Thanks go out to all the customers who donated and to the Store Management who supported our efforts.  We also thank the volunteers who gave up part of their Holiday weekend.

Vietnam Veterans of America

Chapter Vets Help Educate the next Generation about the Vietnam War.


Gary Hutchison Memorial Chapter 1028

May 3rd, 2023
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 " .... home of the brave."

          Everett Nagel                 Dave Fischer                Dennis Filla                   James Stroup

The Chapter's Honors Team welcomes its newest member,  James Stroup.

The Chapter's Honors Team welcomes another new member,  Robert DeLong.

Photo by James Stroup

Honor Guard Commander Dan Wilson receives a lap blanket.


Dave Bierman, Craig Mathews, John Froidl, Mike Erxleben