Coming into a hamlet in the middle of Charley country.  First time the village chief has seen government troops in a long time.

Vietnamese troops getting ready for some kind of ceremony.

Lt. Lao looking for something inside his M113 APC

APCs in the troop were on perimeter duty all the time with partial crews.

Lt. Lao and Staff Sergeant Straughn

MACV compound in Quang Tri

Vietnam awards ceremony. John's counterpart front and center.

At Hoi An, Vietnam compound in 1966

Off to pay officer duty inGermany.


Gary Hutchison Memorial Chapter 1028

Vietnam Veterans of America


John Wilkinson

It's been decades since we served. But to many of us, it seems like only yesterday.  Today we are old and slow; but once we were young and swift.  For those who never knew us then; and for those who can't remember when, take a look back at‚Äč  the way we were:

The Way We Were

Same operation.  Whoever was behind us on the APC (VN MBT) was picture happy.

.30s are bad enough, glad they're not .50s

Lt.Lao, CO 2nd of 4th VN Cavalry

Tunnel to bunker under house.

Vietnamese troops.

John and Lt. Lao

Viet Cong controlled country.

SFC Current

On a search and destroy operation somewhere southwest of Da Nang

Staff Sergeant Straughn

Propoganda message in the boonies.