Working hard.

Captured munitions.

Tom (L.) in front of sh*t burning operation.

Tom (C.) and friends

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Tom (R.) and friend at Bear Cat, Vietnam

Tom, after his return from Vietnam.

Tom served with the 1st Engineer Battalion of the 1st Infantry Division in Bear Cat, Vietnam in 1966.  
​During his tour he served as a member of the famous "Diehard Tunnel Rats."

Tom as a young recruit from Fort Leonard Wood in 1964

Gary Hutchison Memorial Chapter 1028

Vietnam Veterans of America



Tom Moore

It's been decades since we served. But to many of us, it seems like only yesterday.  Today we are old and slow; but once we were young and swift.  For those who never knew us then; and for those who can't remember when, take a look back at​  the way we were:

The Way We Were

Well entrance to Viet Cong tunnel system

"Fire in the Hole."  Making a clearing for an LZ.

Tom with his savior, Eddie Frazier

Enemy VC under guard.

RTO Moore in the bush.

Relaxing around the campfire.

Tom says the sun doesn't shine in the tunnels.

Track on fire after being hit by RPG