Vietnam Veterans of America

  March 18, 2023​
The Chapter's Honor Guard at St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery, Des Peres, MO   


Gary Hutchison Memorial Chapter 1028
Jan - Mar 2023

January 4th, 2023

At the Meetings

Phil Williams Photos

Honor Guard: Ken Hampton, Everett Nagel, James Preuss, Dennis Filla, Dave Fischer 

Such Precision: Notice the shell casings

Chapter 1028 Newsletter


At the November 4th monthly meeting representatives from the Lutheran Senior Services spoke about the opportunities and services provided by the Christian organization for senior Veterans.

Honor Guard

Honor Guard: Dave Bierman,  James Preuss, Everett Nagel, Dave Fischer 

  February 4, 2023​
The Chapter's Honor Guard at St. Matthews Cemetery

James Preuss, Ken Hampton, Dave Fischer, Everett Nagel

Monthly Meeting 

​March 1, 2023

Breakfast at Bob Evans

​March 29, 2023

Breakfast at Bob Evans

​February 15, 2023

At The Meetings

Chapter 1028 Newsletter

  February 25th, 2023​
 Resurrection Cemetery, St. Louis