New C141As of the 63rd MAW on the ramp at Norton AFB in 1967.  Serial 66-0177 is in the foreground.  This aircraft will become the famous for bringing back the first returned prisoners of war in Operation Homecoming.  It was the last C-141 to be withdrawn from Air Force service after a career of almost 40 years.  Today it is on permanent display at the national Museum of the United States Air Force.

Vietnam workhorse, the Lockheed C-130 Hercules. 

Craig at Norton AFB in 1969

Craig served with the 63rd MAW based at Norton AFB in California.  The 63rd services C-141s,VC-30s, T-37s, T-38s, and C-130s.

Craig as a recruit at Norton AFB, 1968

Gary Hutchison Memorial Chapter 1028

Vietnam Veterans of America



Craig Mathews

It's been decades since we served. But to many of us, it seems like only yesterday.  Today we are old and slow; but once we were young and swift.  For those who never knew us then; and for those who can't remember when, take a look back at‚Äč  the way we were:

The Way We Were