James Brooks
1946 - 2016
Charles Johns
 1947 - 2017
Tom LaZear
 1948 - 2017
Gilbert "Duke" Duquesne
1948 - 2016
Steve Kelley
 - 2016
Gregory Wilson
 - 2016
Richard Scharlott
 - 2017
Walter Crawford
1945 - 2015

Gary Hutchison Memorial Chapter 1028

Vietnam Veterans of America

Douglas Madison
1943 - 2015

To Our Departed Brothers:

You are a veteran.  You wore the uniform.  You did your duty.  You sacrificed your youth and endured the separation from loved ones.  You served your country with selfless devotion.  Now, your battles are over.  You are gone, but not forgotten; for you will always have the undying gratitude of those you served and the respect of those who served with you.  May you rest in eternal peace.

In Memoriam